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Table of contents

The learner's licence test
Learner's licence application requirements
Writing the test
What you must know
Road signs and markings - overview
More about road signs and markings

Road signs and markings - overview

You must know the meanings of the various road signs, traffic signals and road surface markings, and how to respond to them when you see them on the road. Study the overview given in The New Official K53 Manual well and you will more easily understand and remember all the road signs, signals and road markings detailed in the various road signs chapters of the Manual.

Purpose The purpose of road signs, signals and markings is to:
» regulate the safe flow of traffic;
» warn motorists of the conditions on the road ahead;
» provide information; and
» give guidance about routes and destinations.

How signs are presented Road signs have three different forms:
» signs mounted on poles or overhead structures;
» markings painted on the road surface; and
» signals given by lights or by people.

Temporary signs
Many of the signs have yellow, red and black colour combinations. These are temporary signs, and the yellow colour is to draw attention to the temporary situation because these signs take precedence over any permanent signs nearby. Temporary regulatory signs must be obeyed.

IMPORTANT: You must know the meanings of all the road signs and markings and how the diver must respond when approaching them. You'll find all such detailed information in The New Official K53 Manual.

More About Road Signs And Markings >>

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Download the K53 App
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