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The K53 pre-trip inspection of the vehicle

The examiner will accompany you to the vehicle, where a pre-trip exterior inspection will be conducted prior to entering the vehicle. The examiner may allow minor defects to be rectified; however, no extra time will be allowed for this. If any of the items indicated on the test report under the headings 'Pre-trip inspection' are found not to be operating, the vehicle will be considered unroadworthy and the examiner will record a 'fail' and immediately discontinue the test.

The exterior inspection will include checking that such things as the various fittings and body parts are all secure and in good working order. After this inspection you will be required to carry out a similar inspection of the interior of the vehicle.

These inspections should be done in a particular way and there are certain things you can be penalised for if you do not do the checks properly.

Full details of the Pre-trip Inspection requirements are given in The New Official K53 Manual.

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