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The learner's licence test

What is a learner's licence?
Before you may take driving lessons on a public road, you need to prove to the authorities that you know and understand some basic things about driving and about road law. The learner's licence test is the means by which you can prove this. When you pass this test you will qualify for a learner's licence to show that you are permitted to drive on a public road, provided you are accompanied by a suitably qualified and licenced driver.

To pass the learner's licence test you will need to:
  • know all the rules of the road;
  • understand the basics of the K53 defensive driving system;
  • know what the various vehicle controls controls (steering wheel, gears, footbrake, etc.) are used for; and
  • know the meanings of the road traffic signs, signals and painted road markings, and how the driver should respond to each of them.
What will the learner's licence authorise me to do?
  • You may drive on public roads (including freeways), provided you are accompanied by someone who holds a valid driver's licence for the class of vehicle you are driving, and who is seated next to you or, if that is not possible, then directly behind you.
  • You may carry passengers in a motor vehicle provided they do not pay a fare.
Note: A learner motorcycle driver may not carry a passenger (not even the driving instructor). You are therefore permitted to ride unaccompanied.

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