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The K53 yard test manoeuvres - motor vehicles

The yard test manoeuvres are completed before you go out onto public roads to do the road test. These manoeuvres test your competence in handling the vehicle while reversing, parking, moving off on an incline and turning the vehicle around in the road.

Before you start the manoeuvres, the examiner will give you the following information:

  • The full yard test (the pre-trip inspections as well as the manoeuvres) must be completed within 20 minutes (stopwatch time).
  • Stopping the vehicle will be permitted at any stage during some of the manoeuvres.
  • You must do the K53 observation procedure and give correct signals in the same way as would be necessary on a public road.
  • You do not need to wear a seatbelt during the yard test manoeuvres.
  • If the test is terminated at any stage, you will need to repeat the full test at another time.
  • All rules of the road, road traffic signs, signals and road surface markings must be obeyed during the yard test.
  • You are not permitted to touch any obstacle or mount a kerb during any of the manoeuvres. If you do, you will fail and the test will be discontinued.
  • Uncontrolled or dangerous actions will not be permitted.
  • The push-and-pull method of steering is not required during the yard test manoeuvres.
  • You may ask the examiner any questions in respect of the above points.
The examiner will guide you to the starting point of every yard test manoeuvre, instruct you to apply the parking brake, select neutral and cancel the signal, if applicable. The requirements of the manoeuvre will then be explained to you while the vehicle is stationary and before you start the manoeuvre.

All errors made during both the first and second attempts will be recorded, for both entering and leaving the manoeuvre area.

Details of each K53 manoeuvre
Every yard test manoeuvre is explained in full detail in the fully illustrated The New Official K53 Manual together with the sequences in which the K53 defensive driving actions must be carried out. These sequences are not all exactly the same for every manoeuvre, so be sure to study each one carefully.

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