K53 driving licence
The K53 driving licence test - light and heavy motor vehicles and motorcycles
K53 test scoring method
K53 test - Immediate failure items
The K53 Pre-Trip Inspection Of The Vehicle
The K53 yard test manoeuvres - motor vehicles
The K53 road test - motor vehicles
K53 motorcycle riding test
K53 motorcycle test track layout

K53 test scoring method

Time limits for completing the test
Motorcycles: No time limit

Light and heavy motor vehicles yard test: 20 minutes including the pre-trip vehicle inspection. If you pass the yard test you will continue with the road test which will take between 20 and 45 minutes.

You will fail the yard test and the test will be discontinued if:
  • you exceed the time limit of 20 minutes for the pre-trip inspections and the yard test manoeuvres;
  • you have been allocated more than 50 penalty points; or
  • you fail any one of the 'immediate fail' items in any manoeuvre.
The stopwatch will be stopped after completion of each of the following, and re-started before the next item:
  • the instructions for the pre-trip inspections;
  • each yard test manoeuvre; and
  • the road test.
Scoring method
The examiner will use a score sheet to evaluate your performance during the test. You may accumulate a certain number of penalty points during each part of the test. If you score more than this allowance you will fail the test.

Besides the penalty points applicable to specific manoeuvres and road test situations, throughout the test you will also be allocated penalty points each time you make the following errors:
  • not showing courtesy towards other road users: 1
  • not checking in the mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds: 5
  • looking in the mirrors for too long: 1.
Some items do not carry penalty points and must be completed correctly in order to continue with the rest of the test. If you are unsuccessful in any of these 'immediate failure' items, the test will be stopped immediately and you will have to reapply to do the test some other time.

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