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The K53 driving licence test

Light and heavy motor vehicles and motorcycle

Purpose and conditions
This is a practical driving test to determine the ability of aspirant motor vehicle drivers and motorcycle riders.

The driving test measures a driver's proficiency in:
  • handling the vehicle
  • obedience to traffic rules
  • road signs
  • traffic signals and surface markings
  • correct application of the K53 defensive driving system through all aspects of the test
  • coping with traffic problems in practical driving situations
You may not do the driving test in a light motor vehicle that is less than 3 m in length.

During the test, smoking and the use of cellular phones are not allowed.

What the test covers

Light and heavy motor vehicle test:
  • A pre-trip inspection of the vehicle's roadworthiness.
  • A yard test of your basic manoeuvring skills, away from traffic:
    • starting the engine;
    • moving off;
    • turning around in the road: 'three-point-turn' (light vehicles only);
    • alley docking: reversing into an alley, and driving out again;
    • parallel parking (light vehicles only);
    • stopping and moving off on an incline;
    • left turn (light vehicles if towing a trailer, and heavy vehicles); and
    • reversing in a straight line (light vehicles if towing a trailer, and heavy vehicles).
  • A road test conducted on public roads carrying traffic, including the following situations where available:
    • obeying traffic signals;
    • changing lanes;
    • overtaking;
    • speed control;
    • turning left and right at intersections;
    • proceeding through an intersection;
    • uncontrolled intersections;
    • obeying yield signs and traffic lights;
    • stopping in traffic;
    • stopping at a stop sign;
    • a traffic circle;
    • a railway level crossing;
    • a pedestrian crossing;
    • entering a freeway;
    • leaving a freeway;
    • passing a freeway off-ramp and on-ramp;
    • overtaking on a freeway; and
    • an emergency stop.

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