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Table of contents:

The K53 driving licence test - light and heavy motor vehicles and motorcycles
K53 test scoring method
K53 test - immediate failure items
The K53 pre-trip inspection of the vehicle
The K53 yard test manoeuvres - motor vehicles
The K53 road test - motor vehicles
K53 motorcycle riding test
K53 motorcycle test track layout

K53 Test - Immediate Failure Items

Light and heavy motor vehicle test:
» use a vehicle that is unroadworthy or not licenced;
» have a mechanical failure of the vehicle;
» violate any traffic law, road sign, signal or road marking;
» make an uncontrolled or dangerous action;
» be involved in a collision you could have avoided;
» bump any obstacles, mount a kerb or touch a boundary line;
» fail to complete a manoeuvre within the allotted number of attempts;
» allow the vehicle to roll forward or backwards;
» fail to demonstrate that you can give a hand signal correctly when instructed to do so;
» exceed the 20-minute time limit for the yard test;
» exceed 50 penalty points for the yard test; or
» exceed 8 penalty points per minute during the road test.

Motorcycle test:
» use a vehicle that is unroadworthy or not licenced;
» fall off the motorcycle or allow it to fall;
» violate any traffic law, road sign , signal or road marking;
» make an uncontrolled or dangerous action;
» fail to wear a suitable safety helmet;
» touch any boundary line;
» exceed 50 penalty points for Part One of the test, or 90 penalty points for Part Two;
» don't succeed with one attempt:
     > moving off;
     > turning left;
     > lane change to the right; or
» don't succeed within three attempts:
     > moving off and riding;
     > turning speed judgement;
     > emergency stop and emergency swerve; or
     > stopping.

Penalty points allocation:
In The New Official K53 Manual for each yard test manoeuvre that shows the number of penalty points that can be allocated for any errors in executing the various elements in that manoeuvre, e.g. parallel parking, incline start, alley docking.

Penalty points are given for any action that:
» you do, but which should not be done, e.g. needless stopping;
» you should do but fail to do, e.g. signal intention; or
» you don't do correctly, e.g. position the vehicle for turning.

Download the K53 App
Download the K53 App
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